Friday, November 9, 2007

a few more words about Jesse Hector and ...

Is this the wildest album cover ever? Hmm... Could be! The fact that the band are actually presented "backwards" is a very interesting design choice, but the colours, planets and flashiness of the band's gear and hairstyles also go to making this one of the most stylish LP covers and the Gorillas one of the most unique groups ever to hit the stage.

This 45 cover by Nick Gerrard/Technimedia is also a great triumph of rock'n'roll art and speaks volumes about Jesse, the Gatecrashers and the Camden scene of the late mid-late 1990's. One of my faves. A great blend of mod/hard R&B and desperate rock'n'roll.

Another shot from the same session that produced the Gatecrashers 45 sleeve shown here. It doesn't get any more rockin' than this kids.

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