Saturday, November 17, 2007

my kinda town, Memphis is...

A personal archive shot... A blistering hot Sunday around noon a couple years back outside of Royal Recorders in Memphis. Who should roll up but Willie Mitchell himself, accompanied by his charming granddaughter. A true gent who offered us a private tour of the legendary studio. Of course we took it! What a guy and what a town.


thickspecs said...

Hi Colin, long time no speaky. Hope this gets to you. Just sent an e-mail to you, Ferris and Duncan about an upcoming From the Jam/Hugh Cornwell gig here in T.O. and a proposal should you be thinking of coming in for the show.

I'll need youe e-mail address to send it to you as the old one I have you for you bounced the message back to me. So please fwd. that to me and I'll send the email along.

Hope all is well with the family,

Mohair Sweets said...

Got the message Chuck.
Doubt I'll be there for it... Be nice tho.


valis said...

Bet you could use a bit of that blistering hot about now, eh?

And don't forget --- OCT 19/18

This is the LAST local gig for the forseeable future! All the MOHAIR SWEETS regulars will be out to add GUITAR GUITAR GUITAR!