Saturday, February 2, 2008

the great British boot still made in Britain....

The home of the great British boot now that Dr. Marten (just say NO! kids...) has sold out and moved to Asian production. NPS are the folks that made the boots/shoes for so many years previously. Maybe if the good Dr. had stuck to their original designs and not gotten so trendy and greedy they might still be made in the UK...? I'm happy to say that my pair of 8 hole Solovair boots (made by NPS) are perfect and just as they always had been. Support NPS and ask for Solovair from your local shop.
Visit them here: NPS


The Fly said...

Just received my first pair of Solovair 8i black boots yesterday. They look good enough to shine up and wear with a tux and they feel sturdier than any of my 8 pair of Docs. New favorite!

Mohair Sweets said...

Agreed, a real nice pair of boots. Still waiting to get mine out on the street as the season ain't quite upon us here yet.

And don't forget --- OCT 19/18

This is the LAST local gig for the forseeable future! All the MOHAIR SWEETS regulars will be out to add GUITAR GUITAR GUITAR!