Saturday, November 17, 2007

my kinda town, Memphis is...

A personal archive shot... A blistering hot Sunday around noon a couple years back outside of Royal Recorders in Memphis. Who should roll up but Willie Mitchell himself, accompanied by his charming granddaughter. A true gent who offered us a private tour of the legendary studio. Of course we took it! What a guy and what a town.

Friday, November 16, 2007

some more words on the Dub Rifles...

The final Dub Rifles line-up in Montreal, 1984. And to accompany the photo check into this link and some words from our old pal Vince on the Dub Rifles and post-punk... Thx, Vince.

Here's the link: Funky Monkey Ain't No Junkie

band lineage...

Originally formed in 1980 in Winnipeg, Canada. The Dub Rifles 5 piece line-up (2 saxes, guitar, bass, drums) combined their primary influences of Motown, Stax, R&B, punk (60s and 70s variety), dub reggae, and original 60s ska and rocksteady into a highly danceable big rhythm blend that knocked them for a loop wherever they had an opportunity to lay it down. Often mis-labelled a "ska" band, the bands material ran the gamut from free-form funk meltdowns and feedback guitar, to supercharged Booker T and The MGs style instrumentals.

A couple of lengthy road excursions (Vancouver-Halifax) garnered them considerable college radio play and a healthy core of fans at a time when the CDN underground scene was just beginning to flourish.

During their brief career the band was featured on The New Music program, shared the stage with the likes of Steel Pulse and Midnight Oil, released 2 independent EPs on their own Notown label, made an appearance on ROIR's Trouser Press comp. The Best Of America Underground (lone CDN entry) and saw the release of a 12 inch EP on Hamburg, Germany's Jax Pax/Juicy Peeple label.

Following their final performance at Toronto's El Mocambo in April 1984, and shortly after a brief change of base to Montreal the winter of 1983/84, the band split up.

1982 No Town No Country [5 song EP] (Notown)
Tracks: No Town, No Country / Production Of Funds / Delicate Action / Number One / Reluctant Host

1983 Boom [3 song EP] (Notown)
Tracks: Stand / Testify / X

12 Inch
1983 Dub Rifles [3 song EP] (Jax Pax/Juicy Peeple - Germany)
Tracks: Number One / Stand / Testify

Compilation Tracks
1983 "Stand" on 'Trouser Press Presents: The Best Of America Underground' (ROIR)

local lineage...

Taken back when the town had vibe...


Well, I'm not sure how it happened but the band I fronted a few years back called the Driving Wheel won a local award called a Brewno. More info here at Beer For Breakfast. Bit of a gag really from a radio show called Beer For Breakfast (I'm really more of a morning wine guy myself but...). The award was for "One More Time (Band We'd Most Like To See Reunite For A Night)". Nice.
After the demise of the Driving Wheel a two show second version - minus Rob and Rej -with horns appeared while the other fellows carried on in a project called the Windups. The drummer (Dan) has been MIA for the last couple years. Shame that.

Friday, November 9, 2007

a few more words about Jesse Hector and ...

Is this the wildest album cover ever? Hmm... Could be! The fact that the band are actually presented "backwards" is a very interesting design choice, but the colours, planets and flashiness of the band's gear and hairstyles also go to making this one of the most stylish LP covers and the Gorillas one of the most unique groups ever to hit the stage.

This 45 cover by Nick Gerrard/Technimedia is also a great triumph of rock'n'roll art and speaks volumes about Jesse, the Gatecrashers and the Camden scene of the late mid-late 1990's. One of my faves. A great blend of mod/hard R&B and desperate rock'n'roll.

Another shot from the same session that produced the Gatecrashers 45 sleeve shown here. It doesn't get any more rockin' than this kids.

4 stroke lineage...

In my humble opinion this machine is a modern classic...

Mohair Sweets' DETROIT debut!

Be there or be forever square. CB