Saturday, February 2, 2008

the great British boot still made in Britain....

The home of the great British boot now that Dr. Marten (just say NO! kids...) has sold out and moved to Asian production. NPS are the folks that made the boots/shoes for so many years previously. Maybe if the good Dr. had stuck to their original designs and not gotten so trendy and greedy they might still be made in the UK...? I'm happy to say that my pair of 8 hole Solovair boots (made by NPS) are perfect and just as they always had been. Support NPS and ask for Solovair from your local shop.
Visit them here: NPS

Friday, February 1, 2008

mo' reviews...

VA: Birth of Soul Volume 4 (Kent) Volume four of this essential series collecting early and proto soul sides. This set runs 1959-1964 and features some real monsters you die-hard soulies, mods and R&B fans will be more than happy to add (that is if they ain’t already there) to your collection. Get the party goin’ with Marv Johnson’s dance-floor masher “Come On and Stop”, the Charmaines girl-group charmer “Where Is The Boy Tonight” and Kenny Lynch’s UK pop-soul gem “Puff (Up In Smoke)”. Keep ‘em comin’ Ace! (24 tracks. 59:22 playing time.)

Reg King: Reg King(Circle Records) Circle Records now brings you the legendary 1971, obscure as hell solo album from Mod icon and former Action frontman Reg King! Truly one of the great voices of British blue-eyed soul/rock, Reg King left the business shortly after recording and releasing this, his only, solo album.- The recording itself was done in a very piece meal fashion over a period of many months utilizing members of the Action (then Mighty Baby), B.B. Blunder and some heavy friends including Brian Auger (organ) and Doris Troy on backing vocals. The music is along the lines of the Rolled Gold/Mighty Baby era things the Action lads did so if that’s what floats yer boat you will NOT be disappointed. There is some searing lead guitar too here alongside Reg’s always soulful delivery. Grab it now before it slips back into obscurity! Essential.(16 tracks. 78:02 playing time.)

The Five Aces: Shout and Shimmy (Saagaloo Records) The Five Aces kick arse. The Five Aces used’ta be known as the Boogaloo Investigators. The case was solved though so they done moved on, over and back to the shack where they been toiling all this time. Very important to note here that the Five Aces play, dress, record and deliver the way all REAL rhythm ‘n blues groups should. So many pretenders. So many f’ckin terrible groups NOT listening and learning from the music and legendary performers. The Five Aces have big, clean, good-hearing ears and do not mess with the messer. Respect. All hail the mighty Aces! (11 tracks. 40:45 playing time.)

Mohair Sweets' DETROIT debut!

Be there or be forever square. CB