Friday, October 24, 2008

great moments in "sports" #1...

This bootleg (?) DVD is a great example of why the Kenney Jones era WHO were a return to the force they were before they lost track - at least of their "live" show selves - in the 70s. What was it Weller said to Pete in that infamous Melody Maker interview, "change yer set..."? He was right IMHO. The band's boozing, fashion sense and rock star status had them out of touch, sloppy and a fair target for the critics. Especially considering the quality of their 70s studio output. Anyone seen the Who's '77 Kilburn show DVD? Sorry, I don't believe the hype... I'll take this Kenney Jones driven tour de force anyday of the week over the Kilburn release! The band is driving and their playing and singing top notch. Sure, maybe - other than Roger - the guys were indulging but it sure doesn't show here.

I agree the 60s had some great of their classic stuff - I'm not denying it (see the French LP shot for my personal fave collection of the band's 60s sides)- but the class of Quadrophenia, the brilliance of "You Better You Bet", "Who Are You" and "Another Tricky Day" are certainly right up there for me as a fan. Yes, they were a different band - a rock band in fact - but as far as I'm concerned none of the other so-called "Legends of Rock" have ever even come close to the Who's recorded, and live, legacy and power. Nowadays is a different story, and I really kinda wish Pete and Roger might have gone out as Townshend/Daltry but that's a whole other, uh, opinion/topic to discuss somewhat later, maybe... Just a note too on the recent Clash article in Mojo; the Clash wish! They wish they were half the band the Who were, they wish they survived as long as the Who did, put out as much important music, learned to tune their guitars AND had their own cars to ride to the show in! Jeez... "Punk" in Shea Stadium? Gimme a break guys, that's where it all went wrong I'm afraid. "Radio Clash"? More like "Radio Crap". Humbug...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mohair Sweets' DETROIT debut!

Be there or be forever square. CB