Monday, November 28, 2016

Astonishing Sound Show Stories

A wee while back my good pal Paul at Dig the Fuzz put up the promo video for their new Astonishing Sound Show Stories volume.

Mohair Sweets provided a remix of ``The Green Light`` from the Read Before You Sign EP.

Click in at the 9:00 mark to check out the sample. BOOGIE!

Thursday, November 24, 2016


As recently posted the new EP - Dream Filled Nights - is now here and available for sale. Shoot me a note here if you`re interested.
UMFM has played a couple tracks and our other local campus station CKUW now has a copy as well.
Feel free to call and request. Other copies are winging their way to various points around the globe...

The video below was captured at our weekend gig with the FUSE at the WECC here in Winnipeg. Thanks to the Twang Trust for posting.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Coming this week the brand new MOHAIR SWEETS EP - DREAM FILLED NIGHTS!
Running at nearly 15 minutes the new EP features 3 original MOHAIR SWEETS songs and a version of Motorhead's "Black Leather Jacket" which was recorded as a tribute to the late Mick Farren, Lemmy and the legendary Pirates' guitarist Mick Green. Be sure to catch the lyrical reference if you can!

The EP is an extremely limited boutique release (75 numbered) and is available only by contacting Mohair Sweets here or through a couple of local sources. Drop us a line via this blog or check your Facebook pals like Music from the North Shore. Only $10 CDN plus post.
Apologies to those non-local types but that's how things roll in the record biz nowadays.

The band will be playing the WEST END CULTURAL CENTRE in Winnipeg as special guests to THE FUSE. The gig is a fund raiser for Heroes are Human and a tribute the late Ken Barker. Tickets still available here: CONCERT

Mohair Sweets' DETROIT debut!

Be there or be forever square. CB