Tuesday, December 4, 2018

UK etc

Should have had this update sooner... Blame social media.

Back in November MOHAIR SWEETS played a first ever UK gig and it went great. Couldn't have asked for a better band than the mighty PHROGS to have my back -- and they did in spades!

The set was made up of a mix of originals, some choice covers and some at the Phrogs suggestion.

We were able to rehearse in the basement of the venue - the mighty RAILWAY HOTEL in Southend on Sea. After a couple of brief run throughs we seem to have had it nailed. The folks in attendance  seemed to agree.

The PHROGS themselves started off the evening and then I joined them for the second set.

Couple of incomplete videos are found on the Mohair Sweets youtube page but of course I included them here...

Last thing going for the next while is a quick gig at the Orbit Room on DEC 8/18 before Mohair Sweets sets up camp in the Windsor/Detroit area. No gigs yet but watch this space.

Mohair Sweets' DETROIT debut!

Be there or be forever square. CB